Bookkeeping Services

The average small business owner spends about five hours a week on bookkeeping chores. Sound familiar? Your Office Anywhere can help you get that time back without losing any control.

We work closely with business owners to implement accounting solutions that are tailored to meet their specific needs. We handle everything professionally and confidentially – and you’re always in charge of what we do and when we do it for you.

Choose from a variety of services, including:

Accounting Entries

Instead of staying up late after a hard day’s work to update your books to reflect your latest transactions, just email or phone us and we’ll make those entries for you.
Accounts Receivable

When you don’t get your invoices out on time, you’re sabotaging your cash flow. We’ll get your billing done on time, every time. And if a customer has a question about an invoice, we can answer it immediately. That means payment won’t be delayed further while the customer waits for you to get back to them.

Sometimes customers have to be reminded to pay an outstanding invoice. If you’ve ever had to make a call like that, then you know it can be a difficult conversation. We’ll handle it for you, including working out payment plans with the customer if necessary.
Accounts Payable

If you have any type of business that requires you to buy products or materials, then you know how important it is to pay your invoices on time. In our experience, late payments usually happen because a business owner ran out of time before the due date or lost or forgot about an invoice, not because they didn’t have the money. We can help you stay organized, avoid late charges, delayed deliveries, even prevent disconnection of a utility or phone service. All you have to do is sign the checks!
Virtual Computing

Get your QuickBooks off your desktop and into “the cloud.” Our highly-trained bookkeepers will manage QuickBooks for you in a safe and secure virtual server environment. You’ll be able to access your books any time, anywhere, and never again have to worry about synching data or transferring files. All you need is an Internet connection.  << Back

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Bookkeeping Services.

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